Photovoltaic grid inverter NEDAP PR50SB/BS

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The PowerRouter Solar Battery allows you to get the most out of your PV system and make optimum use of the self-generated solar energy. With its unique technology, the PowerRouter controls whether to use the energy instantly, store it in batteries or feed it back to the grid. No extra inverters or cables are required: just connect the solar panels, batteries, loads and grid to the PowerRouter.

Also available in 5.0kW, 3.7kW and 3.0kW versions.

Make The Most of Self-Generated Solar Energy:

Why sell your surplus energy to the grid at a lower price, when you can store it for later use and receive a higher incentive for generating and using your own solar energy?

With energy prices going up and feed-in tariffs going down,self-consumption of solar energy is becoming more and more attractive. By storing surplus solar energy in batteries for later use the self-consumption of solar energy can be increased up to 70% (compared to 30% with a standard inverter).
By using most of the self- generated energy at home rather than exporting it to the grid, energy bills can be reduced and system owners can become independent from rising energy prices. (Reference: PowerRouter, Nedap Website)